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Advanced Integration delivers the power of accelerated AI computing embedded in a range of optimized hardware, easy-to-deploy, with software stack and management service, in collaboration with a vast ecosystem of partners that allow customer to receive a fully optimized solution

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Edge IOT solutions for smart cities

Deploy quickly and cost-effectively an array of pre-integrated EDGE AI solutions. Whether it’s in-vehicle systems, medical devices, industrial systems, etc.

Manage and track public services from water resources to waste collection, improving the city services and optimizing operational costs.

Increase road safety by deploying smart traffic management system, tracking violation and adapting the existing capabilities to the state of the network.

Improve quality of residence by implementing smart public services from healthcare infrastructure to retail experiences rising life standards in the city.

Hardware Offering

Outstanding Performance

Superior multitasking with NVIDIA Jetson & Tesla family GPUs.

Reliable Security

- Surge protection for GbE and COM ports for outdoor applications for embeeded solution.
- High grade storage.

Optimized Connectivity

- Extra power for connectivity ports.
- Easy connection with higher power consumption devices.

Edge IOT solutions for smart cities

Easy to Set-Up

No complicated network setups,  everything sits in a single rack


Scaling to about ~600 cameras  possible (for select models)


Integration with existing VMS systems  and existing CCTV infras. Is possible

Customizable & Upgradeable

More GPUs, more storage can be  added or removed easily

Fleet Management

Fleet management allows companies to manage AIOT systems efficiently and securely. With the emphasis on easy provisioning, monitoring, and management. Fleet management system retrieves key metrics without impacting system performance. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML), companies can perform OTA(Over The Air) upgrades to manage the devices without downtime.

In the field, each device will process a single stream, objects will be detected using ML models, that information will be collected in the data center and analytics will be extracted from them and displayed on the fleet management application showcasing the health metrics for the edge infrastructure allowing the users to manage the software and firmware remotely.


NVIDIA Jetson Nano Edge Inference Platfortm
DLAP-211- Nano is a palm-sized Edge AI Inference platform aiming at AI-based video analysis at the edge. The DLAP-211-Nano enables flexible video streaming over MIPI, V-by-One and USB, and supports sensor data and coordination of IoT devices over GPIO.
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Jetson Xavier™ NX Edge Inference Platform

  • Deep learning acceleration with Jetson Xavier™ NX
  • Compact fanless system 148(W)x120(D)x49.1(H)mm
  • Wide temperature range from -20°C to 70°C
DLAP-211 JNX is a palm-sized Edge AI Inference platform aiming at AI-based video analysis at the edge.
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ADLINK’s NEON-2000-JNX Series of NVIDIA Jetson-based industrial AI cameras integrate the Jetson Xavier NX, an image sensor, an optimized OS, and broad I/O for vision applications in a compact chassis with verified thermal stability, reducing total cost of ownership on integration and troubleshooting, as well as minimizing cabling and space requirements for installation. Supporting six types image sensors, integration of DI/O, 1x communication port, and 1x LAN port in a compact chassis, the NEON-2000-JNX Series is ideal for AI vision applications at the edge.

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DLAP 401

Edge AI Platform Powered by NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™

  • Deep learning acceleration with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier
  • Compact system 150(W) x 145(D) x 85(H) mm
  • 3x USB 3.1 Gen1 lockable type, 2 GLAN, 1 Type C USB 3.1 OTG
  • Internal function expansions by M.2 E key 2230, M.2 B key 3042
  • 24V DC input
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PNY EGX Server

The new PNY EGX system allows HPC and AI at the edge. It comes with 4 x NVIDIA Tesla T4, the world’s most efficient accelerator for all AI inference workloads. NVIDIA Tesla T4 is a part of the NVIDIA AI Inference Platform that supports all AI frameworks and provides comprehensive tooling and integrations to drastically simplify the development and deployment of advanced AI.

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