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Artificial Intelligence Markets

Education & Research

Academic institutions lead in cultivating the next generation in accelerated computing, data science, and AI, while addressing the need for flexible education, supported by Advanced Integration's versatile solutions.

Unlocking Flexible Learning with Advanced Integration

Facilitating Academic Advancements

Academic institutions are on the forefront of cultivating the next generation in the emerging fields of accelerated computing, data science, and AI. Simultaneously, these institutions face the challenge of meeting the demand for more flexible and accessible educational opportunities. From on-premises setups to cloud-based solutions, Advanced Integration offers the tools required to facilitate breakthroughs in essential disciplines, available anytime and from anywhere.

Life sciences

In life sciences, artificial intelligence streamlines drug discovery processes, accelerates genomic sequencing, and optimizes patient care pathways, enhancing efficiency and outcomes.


Artificial intelligence in physics enables rapid analysis of complex data sets, facilitating discoveries in particle physics, quantum mechanics, and astrophysics with unprecedented efficiency.


Within climate science, artificial intelligence models improve weather forecasting accuracy, analyze vast climate datasets, and optimize energy usage, fostering efficient climate change mitigation strategies.


Artificial intelligence fortifies cybersecurity by autonomously detecting and responding to threats, augmenting human capabilities, and ensuring efficient protection of digital assets and networks.

Robotics and Simulation

In robotics and simulation, artificial intelligence enhances efficiency by enabling robots to adapt to dynamic environments, learn from interactions, and simulate complex scenarios for rapid prototyping and testing.

Data Science

Artificial intelligence in data science automates data preprocessing, uncovers insights from large datasets, and optimizes predictive models, enhancing the efficiency of decision-making processes and driving innovation across industries.

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Technology, Education and Research With NVIDIA

Learn about the AI and HPC hardware, software, and networking solutions for academic institutions.


DGX H100, part of NVIDIA’s DGX platform, is the AI powerhouse behind DGX SuperPOD™, designed for maximum AI throughput to support breakthroughs in natural language processing, recommender systems, and data analytics.

ASUS Datacenter solutions

ASUS server for AI supercomputing performance designed to efficiently accelerate large complex AI workloads and HPC performance. Delivering unprecedented performance for data analytics, AI, and simulation.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise

NVIDIA AI Enterprise, a cloud-native suite of AI and data analytics software, is certified for deployment anywhere, with global enterprise support, enabling organizations to harness AI efficiently.

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