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We are Advanced Integration

EDGE AI Computing

Advanced Integration delivers the power of accelerated AI computing embedded in a range of optimized hardware, easy-to-deploy, with software stack and management service, in collaboration with a vast ecosystem of partners that allow customer to receive a fully optimized solution

Create a faster, smarter, more connected world

Solutions for Edge AI Computing

Billions of IoT sensors—in retail stores, on city streets, on warehouse floors, in hospitals—are generating massive amounts of data. Tapping into faster insights from that data can mean improved services, streamlined operations, and even saves lives. But to do this, enterprises need to drive decisions in real time, and that means taking their AI compute to where the data is, the network’s edge.

Deploy quickly and cost-effectively

an array of pre-integrated EDGE AI solutions. Whether it’s in-vehicle systems, medical devices, industrial systems, etc.

Manage and track public services

from water resources to waste collection, improving the city services and optimizing operational costs.

Increase road safety

by deploying smart traffic management system, tracking violation and adapting the existing capabilities to the state of the network.

Improve quality of residence

by implementing smart public services from healthcare infrastructure to retail experiences rising life standards in the city.

Let's change this world with AI

Advanced Integration
Added value

  • Strong partnerships with AI Ecosystem vendors
  • Onsite or Remote POC
  • Custom built solution
Advanced Integration Products

Edge AI Computing Solutions

sphinx smartcow dubai united emirates datacenter edge artficial intelligence


Sphinx, a self-contained AI camera powered by NVIDIA Jetson OrinTM NX and XavierTM NX, features dual image sensors for superior low-light performance, making it a dependable solution for a range of AI applications such as ANPR, public safety, and ITMS.

SMartcam SMartcow Edge AI Computing Emirates Arab Dubai

Smartcow Smartcam

A small but mighty AI camera with high-resolution sensors suitable for automated optical inspection, for application in smart factories and other AIoT embedded systems.

apollo SMartcow Edge AI Computing Emirates Arab Dubai

Smartcow DevKit - Apollo

Apollo is an audio/video AI development kit based around the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX computing module, enabling developers to build applications with image, conversational, and audio AI capabilities. It includes built-in microphones, speaker terminals, a camera module, and an OLED display.

Mars Smartcow dubai United emirates

Mars - NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin

Mars is the rugged IP65 box designed by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin. Suitable for complex AI models of huge amounts of video input analysis and large data transmission .Support 24/7 Out-Of-Band(OOB) Management for remote control and device recovery.

Uranus Smartcow dubai United emirates


The advanced AI edge fanless embedded system driven by NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX, Jetson™ TX2 NX, or Jetson Nano™ modules, enabling simultaneous operation of multiple neural networks and high-resolution image processing, transforming AI capabilities at the edge.

Soter Smartcow Dubai Emirates Artificial Intelligence


AI Edge Fanless Network Video Recorder with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX and 8-port PoE. This system is ideal for Machine Vision applications allowing up to 8 Gigabit Ethernet cameras to be connected.

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