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Advanced Integration Markets

Advanced Integration ‘s leading edge AI & HPC products deliver tailored professional solutions for a broad range of industries and applications such as Design, Ai, Datacenter and operates across vertical markets such as Healthcare, Retail, Higher Education and more to discover below :

Smart Cities

AI opens up new opportunities to create more sustainable cities, maintain infrastructure and improve public services for both residents and communities.


Thanks to its technology expertise and experience, Advanced Integration empowers healthcare organizations to address today’s challenges with confidence, and delivers the right solutions to improve clinical and business performance.


For manufacturers, artificial intelligence (AI) can be a game changer. Greater efficiencies, lower costs, improved quality and reduced downtime are just some of the potential benefits. This technology is not only for large manufacturers. High-value, cost-effective AI solutions are more accessible than many smaller manufacturers realize.

Energy Exploration (Oil & Gas)

Oil & Gas businesses are looking for new technologies to help increase the accuracy of exploration and production, while reducing risks and operation costs. Advanced Integration has the expertise and solutions at the cutting edge of AI to answer these needs.


Innovative retailers are using AI-powered solutions to navigate the next perspective of smart retail. With intelligent video analytics, AI-powered inventory management, customer and store analytics, they are improving margins and delivering better customer experiences.


With a growing population and rising operational costs, policymakers are asking themselves how they can better serve and protect people while investing taxes more efficiently. The answer: Artificial Intelligence to positively impact healthcare, natural disaster relief, citizen services, cybersecurity, and more.

Education & Research

Academic institutions lead in cultivating the next generation in accelerated computing, data science, and AI, while addressing the need for flexible education, supported by Advanced Integration's versatile solutions.

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