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Hazel VISTA Pro

AI Traffic Sensing

Hazen VISTA Pro

The HazenVISTA Pro utilizes’s exclusive Core3D Engine, renowned for its exceptional AI precision and dependability. This all-in-one camera, fueled by edge computing, offers versatile configurations for various purposes such as traffic violation monitoring, enforcement of seat-belt and mobile phone usage, parking lot management, and access control.

Advanced AI Capabilities for Enhanced Road Safety

The HazenVISTA Pro, powered by’s Core3D Engine, enhances road safety by accurately detecting dangerous driving behaviors and enforcing seat-belt and mobile phone use laws.

Versatile Configuration for Varied Applications

The HazenVISTA Pro, with its high-performance Nvidia GPU and Core3D Technology, provides a versatile platform adaptable for various applications such as traffic monitoring, enforcement, and access control due to its motorized lens and rugged industrial design.

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