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Advanced Integration Expertise + DDN Storage
Let a Advanced Integration HPC expert custom architect a DDN storage solution for you application or cluster. Whether you have to meet a performance requirement, capacity requirement, reliability standard, or a combination of all, our experts can help tailor a custom solution to your data flow. We’ll assist you in navigating the landscape of parallel block storage, flash, parallel filesystems, and beyond. Each of these building blocks below.

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DDN® AI400X2 appliances sets the standard for AI data center infrastructure, ensuring uncompromised performance for all users and workloads, seamlessly. These compact, low-power storage platforms, optimized for DL workloads, leverage NVMe drives for exceptional raw performance. Integrated with DDN EXAScaler, a Lustre-based parallel filesystem optimized for AI and HPC, they offer scalability and reliability.

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ddn ai400x2 advanced integration

Key features

Instantly Available
The parallel architecture facilitates rapid access across multiple systems concurrently, optimizing AI productivity and simplifying data management.

Best Locality
Immediate access substantially enhances the efficiency of data-intensive operations, ensuring streamlined interfaces with both on-premises and cloud storage solutions.

Secure and Curated
Robust governance capabilities guarantee meticulous organization and maintenance of data, ensuring that applications achieve peak model performance, utilization, and reliability while maintaining security.

Familiar Interfaces
Data is accessible via standard file and object protocols, ensuring interoperability, compatibility, and portability throughout the entire AI pipeline.

DDN Insight

Personalize your insights with an intuitive graphical interface, collaboratively crafted with our customers to meet the demands of the most challenging data-intensive environments. Efficiently handle growing complexity and optimize service levels using the scalable and flexible monitoring architecture provided by Insight.

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ddn insight advanced integration

1. Uncover and enhance entire systems to save both time and costs

2. Establish roles and users with the right authorization levels to align with your organization’s hierarchy

3. Personalize graphs displaying both current and historical metric trends to gain insights into system performance and streamline operational optimization

4. Ensuring reliability in mission-critical environments

5. Establish thresholds and get alerted to performance, hardware, or software issues to proactively avoid downtime

6. Accessible either as an appliance or as a software application installable on customer hardware

DDN Intelliflash

The IntelliFlash N-Series stands as a fifth-generation intelligent storage infrastructure solution that eliminates the need for compromises. Beyond remarkable performance, this series provides an outstanding user experience and remarkable cost-efficiency. This is achieved through automation, analytic insights, and a range of time-saving management features tailored to drive and optimize your most valuable workloads

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ddn intelliflash advanced integration

1. Auto-performance optimization
Consistent Throughput – No IO Contention

2. Non-disruptive service delivery
Fully Redundant Battle-Tested Architecture

3. Dynamic data mobility
Hybrid Cloud Management and Protection

4. Operational simplicity
Unified Storage Reduces Management Effort

5. AI-driven analytics and efficiency
Precise Intelligent Resource Planning


Powerful storage solutions that unlock productivity, insight and innovation – easy to design, deploy and scale more efficiently.

DDN’s A3I solutions enable instant and accurate insight for customers processing massive amounts of data. Data growth will continue unchecked. Gathering, accessing and processing this data quickly is a strategic imperative. Current IT systems are not designed for the complexities of AI.

A3I is AI-optimized Intelligent Infrastructure removes data management risks with efficiency and speed regardless of the size of the challenge.

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A3i pod architecture