NetApp Solutions

NetApp is a proven leader when it comes to modernizing and simplifying your storage environment. From simple, smart, trusted storage for shared NAS and SAN environments to arrays built for dedicated, high-bandwidth applications like data analytics and disk-based backup, they work with Advanced Integration to design the perfect solution.

And when you’re ready to grow, we’ll be there with the latest technologies that we’re helping to shape. Like today’s NVMe, a storage access and transport protocol that delivers the highest throughput and fastest response times yet for enterprise workloads.

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NetApp Solutions

OnTap AI

Simplify, accelerate, and integrate your data pipeline
ONTAP AI consolidates a data center’s worth of analytics, training, and inference compute into a single, 5-petaflop AI system. Simplify, scale, and integrate your data pipeline for DL with the ONTAP AI proven architecture, powered by NVIDIA DGX servers and NetApp cloud-connected all-flash storage.

OnTap NetApp

Key Benefits

1. Reduce risk with flexible and validated solutions
Get going faster by eliminating design complexity and guesswork
Streamline configuration and deployment with available preconfigured solutions

2. Build an integrated data pipeline
Intelligently manage your data with an integrated pipeline, from edge to core to cloud
Deploy a solution that’s backed by AI expertise and simple support options

3. Deliver the right performance and scalability
Start small and grow nondisruptively
Speed results with a high-performance solution

4. Unify AI workloads
Eliminate infrastructure silos
Flexibly respond to business demands


microsecond response for your demanding applications
When you need to supercharge performance-sensitive workloads like real-time analytics, HPC, and databases, the price-to-performance benefit of NetApp® EF-Series all-flash arrays speaks volumes. They deliver microsecond response to your most demanding apps, maximum uptime, and six-nines reliability.

EF Series Netapp advanced integration

Why EF-Series arrays?

1. Big data analytics. High-performance computing. Demanding databases. NetApp EF-Series all-flash arrays are built for today’s giant workloads (and the even bigger ones to come)

2. EF-Series arrays combine impressive IOPS, microsecond response times, and incredible throughput capacity, so your most demanding apps never miss a beat. In addition, the EF-Series is powered by NetApp® SANtricity software to give you extensive configuration flexibility, custom performance tuning, and complete control over data placement.


Built to deliver

“E” is for everything you could want in a hybrid-flash array. NetApp® E-Series is built for dedicated, high-bandwidth applications that need simple, fast SAN storage with enterprise-grade reliability.

e series netapp advanced integration

Why E-Series arrays?

E-Series arrays are the go-to system for so many because of the simplicity and reliability they deliver. From mid-sized businesses driving data-intensive applications like analytics, video surveillance, and disk-based backup, to small enterprises and remote offices needing mixed-workload performance for their dedicated apps.

In addition to solid performance, E-Series enables flexible and cost-effective backup and recovery to the cloud, and features a modern, browser-based GUI that enables simple, flexible administration and rapid data access.

NetApp® AFF A-series

The NETAPP AFF A-Series offers high-performing unified storage solutions, featuring industry-leading low latency tailored for enterprise demands. Engineered to seamlessly manage file, block, and object workloads, these systems ensure efficient and responsive data management. Experience unparalleled performance and versatility with the NETAPP AFF A-Series, revolutionizing your enterprise storage capabilities.

AFF Series NetApp advanced integration

Boost the performance of your enterprise apps and AI/ML with the industry’s lowest latency NVMe storage.

Unified storage – file, block, and object – with automated date tiering to save you money and free up valuable space.

The world’s most secure storage with built-in data protection to protect, detect, and recover your data – now backed by our Ransomware Recovery Guarantee.

NetApp® AFF C-series

NETAPP AFF C-Series presents capacity flash storage solutions, offering the industry’s lowest entry capacity for unified storage, resulting in cost savings for your organization. Modernize your data center effortlessly with these capacity-optimized, all-flash systems featuring seamless native cloud integration. Unlock the power of efficient data management and storage with NETAPP AFF C-Series, designed to elevate your infrastructure capabilities.

netapp c series advanced integration

Reduce energy consumption and achieve your carbon footprint reduction goals.

Expand capacity and​ eliminate storage silos with non-disruptive scale-out in a cluster. Deploy and move workloads with the ultimate flexibility

Safeguard against threats like ransomware and get built-in, application-consistent data protection.