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SmartCow was established in 2016, with core expertise in building AI pipelines for resource-constrained devices. They offer vertical solutions for complex problems, ranging from underlying technologies for building and accelerating video analytics, to complete turnkey software systems for data-centric initiatives. Advanced Integration in partnership with Smartcow have the mission to develop an ever-growing AIoT ecosystem that simplifies and improves living and working conditions for individuals and organizations across the world. We firmly believe that technology can magnify possibilities and offer solutions that everyone can benefit from.

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AI Edge Fanless embedded system with NVIDIA Jetson NX, TX2 NX, Nano module. This system is capable of operating multiple neural networks or processing several high-resolution images at the same time.

Vertical Markets

Smart Cities, Traffic, Retail

  • Compatible with Jetson NX, TX2 NX, Nano modules
  • All-in-one design in compact & light-weight form factor
  • Expansion slots for 4G/WIFI/Storage functions
  • Flexible with storage expansion
  • Optional fan kit
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Mars is the rugged IP65 box designed by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin. Suitable for complex AI models of huge amounts of video input analysis and large data transmission .Support 24/7 Out-Of-Band(OOB) Management for remote control and device recovery.

  • NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin™ 32G/64G module support
  • IP65 Designed Box PC
  • Support 10GbE Ethernet Network Port
  • Rich I/O interfaces and flexible expansion
  • Support DIN-rail Mounting
  • Support 24/7 Out-Of-Band(OOB) Management
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Mars Smartcow dubai United emirates


AI Edge Fanless Network Video Recorder with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX and 8-port PoE. This system is ideal for Machine Vision applications allowing up to 8 Gigabit Ethernet cameras to be connected.

  • Specifically designed for use with IP Cameras
  • Supports 9 ports Ethernet (8x PoE, 1x GbE)
  • Rich I/O interfaces and flexible expansion
  • Wide Operating temperature
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A small but mighty AI camera with high-resolution sensors suitable for automated optical inspection and smart retail, for application in smart factories and other AIoT embedded systems.

  • 5MP CMOS Rolling Shutter Sensor
  • Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Platforms
  • ONVIF – Compliant
  • mSATA 128GB Storage
  • IP65 – Rated
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SmartCam Smartcow Dubai Emirates Artificial Intelligence


Apollo is an audio/video AI engineering kit based around the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX computing module, enabling developers to build applications with image, conversational, and audio AI capabilities. It includes built-in microphones, speaker terminals, a camera module, and an OLED display.

  • Prepackaged with NVIDIA DeepStream and NVIDIA RIVA
  • Preloaded with NLP examples
  • Two programmable buttons
  • One-Key Recovery button

Specialized Engineering Kit

A functional engineering kit for your audio/video AI development needs. Focus your efforts on developing edge AI audio-visual solutions rather than on enabling peripheral devices or ensuring successful system integration.

Next-Generation AI

Vision AI has been widely used with excellent results in a variety of scenarios. NLP is progressing to the next level. Apollo helps engineers in integrating audio and vision AI to build state-of-the-art edge solutions to real-world problems.

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Apollo Smartcow Dubai Emirates Artificial Intelligence


CityStation is an AIoT Platform for Data Acquisition and Control System, it features ambient weather station for measuring local weather and atmospheric conditions. It is also a video analytics processor that can run powerful AI models on live video streams input from the on-board 5MP or 4K cameras. It interfaces with an NVIDIA Jetson embedded system to process the measured data, analyse trends and provide useful information to users.

Specifications :

– Connectivity: Ethernet, 4G/5G (option)
– Warmup-time: 60s, 300s for full accuracy
– Real-time sampling
– Size: 180mm x 256mm x 138mm (LxWxH)
– Ruggedised, no-maintenance enclosure for continuous outdoor use.

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NVIDIA® Jetson X Orin™ AGX powered rugged 4K AI camera
SuperCam is an NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™ powered rugged AI camera. It collects and processes video analytics at the edge to reduce latency, increasing the adaption of edge servers. SuperCam comes equipped with a 4K rolling shutter, fixed-lens camera sensor, and a global shutter sensor with a motorized lens.

Video analytics at the edge‍
Collect and process video analytics at the edge to reduce latency, increasing the adaption of edge servers – vital where location, privacy needs or limited internet connectivity restrict the ability to transmit data to a central server or cloud service.

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HardEdge – Athos

Athos is an AI embedded system for NVIDIA® Jetson™ modules. Compatible with Jetson Xavier™ NX modules, Athos is specifically designed for high performance and low-power envelope AI computing. It is suitable for general robotics, UAV, industrial inspection, medical imaging, and deep learning.

Specifications :

• Compatible with NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier NX TM module
• All-in-one design in compact form factor
• Expansion slots for 5G/4G/WIFI/Storage functions
• Suitable for AIoT gateways, general AI applications

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Ultron Xavier NX

Ultron is a NVIDIA Jetson powered controller that brings high computing power to the edge for industrial applications that require artificial intelligence for automated processes.

How it works
Programmable Logic Controllers are widely used in industrial applications due to their reliability, flexibility and robustness. To bring AI inference from the cloud to the edge, we take PLCs a step further with Ultron’s high computing power and low latency for AI in industrial applications. This makes Ultron perfectly designed for automations and autonomous infrastructures. Applicable industries include smart factories, smart cities, intelligent traffic management, smart buildings, and agriculture.

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